My name is Autumn.


I'm not your average mom. I have a few piercings and tattoos. I love Jesus. I play guitar and I like rock music, and it's not uncommon to find me fishing or hunting. My house is full of sentimental things like old rusty bird cages I've found at antique shops, ceramic cats that were collecting dust in Peddler's Mall, and a gallery wall of prints featuring my family and other random pieces of art I've found, probably at Goodwill.


I enjoy the little things, and I love photographing them. The little things often tend to be the big things. I also enjoy the important moments: weddings, proposals, first birthdays. They're all special in their own ways, and they deserve to be preserved for generations to look back on and encourage a sense of wonder about that time in their great-great-so-and-so's life.


I'm a mom. I'm a cat person. I'm a dream-chaser, a licensed nail technician, a prayer warrior, a serial nap-taker, and I love a corny joke. I think we could be friends.


Let's go on an adventure.